YVONNEI began my writing career five years ago by accident. My young son was sick and I could no longer work full-time as a nurse. He needed me.  It was during this time that God sat me down and showed me the path that was destiny.  I was destined to be a writer. In five years I wrote five novels.

Two have already been published, Getting Roosevelt–a homeowner’s nightmare and Silence Is Broken.

My son is much better now, Praise God,  and I have a new career. When I am not spending time with him I like to crochet and sketch, and trying new recipes.

My stories focus on life in Philadelphia. They are fiction based loosely on fact. Philadelphia is a major city with a suburban feel. However, the lifestyle of its citizens can rival New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. Intrigue and suspense coupled with mystery are the genres I write.

In addition to writing fiction, I write for the online magazine Examiner.com. My focal point is Autism/ Special Needs Children, Frugal Living, and the Philadelphia Family. I also host the book review site called Olivia’s Cup of Tea as well as the opinion paper Expression of Views.


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