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plague doctor 2

Plague Doctor

In the last five years we have heard threats of pandemics. They did materialize, but not to the extent that was predicted. Ms. Corona is the real deal, she did what the others promised to do–shut society down and change millions of lives.

It is ironic that Ms. Corona shows up just before Passover, that remembrance ceremony performed every year, in which the Israelites were trying to leave Egypt. It took the dying of Egypt’s first-born children to let the Israelites go.

All of this happened before Jesus.

For those of us who are Christians, present company included, Jesus is that Passover lamb that covers our doorways. His blood covers those who believe in him.

Whether or not you are a believer, it is my firm belief that Ms. Corona has a purpose right now. It is time to choose, time to take a stand, time to decide where you are going to be, whom you are going to serve.

If Ms. Corona can decimate our lifestyles now, and we seem to be getting a small taste of her, imagine what would happen if God took his hand away from us. Imagine what would happen if Jesus did not go to him and intervene on our behalf.

If you are not a believer in Jesus Christ, if you are not a believer in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, take this time to reconnect with him. Reconnect with him while you still can. I found this passage yesterday in my Bible and it speaks volumes:

“Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors bout thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast.

 For, behold, the LORD cometh, out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain.”       Isaiah 20:26-27 (KJV)

You might not believe that Ms. Corona is divine retribution, but I do. There is too much hatred towards others who are different. There is too much violence, unjustified, yet somehow justified, against others. No empathy towards others like our disabled and our elderly. We are not suppose to kill, we are not supposed to steal but high tech stealing is done daily. We have no morals now and those that do, become targets because they spoke up. They speak out to try stop a wrong and become a victim themselves.

Oh Ms. Corona is here fore a reason. Her reason, to tell us it is time to dial it back before we enter that point of no return.



Where is all this hate coming from?

The country has seemed to have gone back in time. Excessive violence is reported everyday. For the most part law enforcement does a pretty good job of protecting the public. 

However, they have work to do. Work within their own organization.

It is time that they, introspectively, weed out the baddies. I’m referring to those cops who probably are good producers by any means necessary. Those cops who are outwardly biased yet their superiors allow them to stay on the force because they, seemingly, solve cases.

However, the Innocence Project knows all about those seemingly solved cases. They work tirelessly exonerating the wrongly convicted. The horror stories they have uncovered! Biased stories that became permanent record. 

Law enforcement is not the only governing body guilty of bias so is our Congress.

These so-called elected professional politicians are quite bias. Shamefully it has come to light these last eight years. I had heard about the ‘ good old boys club’s but to see it in action was disheartening to say the least. Their behavior opened up a can of worms. 

The following individual is no longer a congressman, nevertheless he voiced his threatening opinions on the social media outlet Twitter. 

Former congressman defends Obama tweet


Ten years ago no one would have dared openly threaten the President of the United States, this guy would have been jailed. His behavior speaks to the lack of respect for people of color. It is as if we-African Americans, as a people, are kept in a box that others do not want us to leave. When we attempt to rise to the next level, attempt to move beyond that box, others react in a most violent way.  

Like it or not America, African Americans are people who don’t want to stay in the box you have provided. Killing us will not stop us from leaving.
On a lighter note, check out @djones1509’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/djones1509/status/752126279412056065?s=09

A son in love with his mother

A son in love with his mother

When my son was very young I was the apple of his eye. Although he was autistic he expressed his emotions with actions. The action of always bringing me something back when he went shopping with his class. The presence of mind to say I love you and follow it up with a hug. Today he’s a young man, mindful of his dependence, yet determined not to be needy. The I love yous are not as vocal but nevertheless expressed with the action of resting his hand, however briefly, upon my shoulder.   

Marvelous Antiquity


Egyptian Hieroglyphics

On Friday I accompanied my students to the University of Pennsylvania’s Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. They marveled at the techniques used to make mummies. I marveled at the artifacts themselves. The ingredients used were natural products of the earth. The ancients utilized what was available to them, void of unnatural by products created by man. Each country built grand monuments for themselves with the hope of having made their mark in their own history books. I bet they never thought that their marvelous accomplishments would be observed and studied by people from other cultures, which leaves me to wonder what will they say about us. What will future generations say about our accomplishments? We have created the ability to communicate around the world at any given time of day or night, yet somehow we have damaged the earth. Excess plastic, excess chemicals, excess waste, and extraordinary pollution. Diseases plague our youngest members of society leading them to an early death before they reach adulthood. Sure the ancients did not have long lives, but shouldn’t we, the generation with extraordinary capabilities, have long lives? Shouldn’t our children be born disease-free?

If you are ever in the Philadelphia area you should list the Penn Museum on your tourist list. I guarantee you will enjoy it.

A positive read

The Phantom Paragrapher has given a review of Silence Is Broken.

Review: Silence is Broken – Yvonne Mikell – November 2013

Within a family can often be held a trove of secrets and lies and Silence is Broken is one of those stories as the main character Khloe discovers that her dad has been cheating on her mother , distraught with this news as she was supposed to be getting married to her fiance Xavier. Khloe’s idea of love and happiness is shattered and all she wants is to talk to her Dad and get to the bottom of this as we can gather in this book that Khloe is sort of a Daddy’s girl. Though after a whirlwind busy day, Khloe tries to get hold of her Dad only to discover he has vanished and no-one knows where he is and how to get ahold of him. Instead of searching for him though Khloe is wrapped into a world of romance and love with Xavier with a nice luxurious and extravagant weekend away and soon talks of their wedding arise and Xavier seems awfully in a hurry to get married but Khloe wants her father by her side. Can she hold off the wedding talk until she has located her father or is their something that Xavier is hiding and when Khloe finds out will she be able to still trust him or will this deception leave her believing that just like her father – ALL men are unfaithful and liars and cannot be trusted leaving her with a jaded view of love ? 
Find out all the hidden skeletons when Silence is Broken by Yvonne Mikell.

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Not enough

Yesterday the hype was small Alberta Clipper coming to town and dropping a couple of inches in the Philadelphia area. Occasionally they get it wrong and we get more than expected. This was not the case, weathermen predicted accurately. All school teachers pray for snow days to get much needed rest. I am annoyed I had to work today. The Nor’easter predicted this weekend does not count. Snow events need to occur on a weekday…maybe we’ll get lucky. In the meantime I’m eternally grateful to be gainfully employed.

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Whatever happened to walking away?


-This  week we have had a couple of crimes that really touched me.  Nothing is more sensual than the tender romantic relationship between a man and a woman. When that relationship takes the next step, marriage, it is hoped that beautiful things blossom from this union.

And it did, both couples went on to have children.

However, something went terribly wrong.

Here in the Philadelphia tri-state area two women are missing. Presumed dead. Presumed to have been killed by their spouses; spouses who have possession of  their children. Young children were being cared for by the father. Mom is missing. Both women have been described as devoted mothers. Mothers who would never abandon their infants and preschool children.

I know relationships can be tough. You are talking about the gelling of two personalities with different upbringings. Which may account for America’s high divorce rate. People tend to walk away when they come to an impasse.

Walking away is not a bad thing.

Walking away means no crime has been committed. Children will still have both parents alive. Parents are free to move on. Employment  is still a viable option. Family members at will, can openly see you from time to time with no embarassing restrictions.

Walking away may be just thing needed to allow both parties to regroup. I just wished these two couples had. Maybe these women would be alive, and the men would be free.