Getting Roosevelt-

Getting Roosevelt-a homeowner’s nightmare


Getting_Roosevelt--A_Cover_for_Kindle Everyone is excited about a new home, especially their first home. They cannot wait to move in and put their signature on it.

This is what Elizabeth Samms did despite signing a lease agreement that prevented her from doing such a thing. Her rationale was after settlement Roosevelt, the old Victorian home that had been a favorite of hers and her recently deceased husband, would be hers and she could do what she pleased.

The trick was to get to settlement day.

Like most of us, Elizabeth counted her chickens before they hatched. She held the assumption that money can buy you anything your heart desires.

Problem is Jonathan Smith, aka Gordon Roosevelt, is obsessive about Roosevelt. So much so that he has never allowed any family to make it to the settlement table. Gordon will not let go of Roosevelt for no amount of money…if anything you will give him yours.


Celia Medrano “Book-Fidelity”–Don’t be fooled! August 15, 2012 The story is about a woman, Elizabeth Samms, who has recently become a widow and single mother to her six year old son, Desmond. Her son has special needs and is also experiencing a particularly difficult time because of his father’s death. Months after her husband’s death, Elizabeth finds a large home called Roosevelt. The house appears to be everything she has wanted for her family. It is described as an old Victorian. Little does Elizabeth know, however, that many secrets revolve around Roosevelt. These secrets bring people into her life that she never would have otherwise known and they are looking to stir up trouble for Elizabeth and her son. The longer the two stay in the home, the deeper they find themselves in the entanglement that is Roosevelt. The author gives an in-depth look into the life of a single woman with many worries on the mind. She does a fine job of describing the frustration and determination of the character. Mikell did a wonderful job in expressing the greed that any person can find themselves in if they don’t stop to think about what they are doing. I would have liked a deeper look into some of the characters, including Desmond. However, I think that the main idea of the story gives us the best way of knowing who these characters are.

Jessica Heilman–Intriguing But Wanting More August 15, 2012  Yvonne interweaves a tale with a diverse cast of characters. Readers are continually on their toes wondering what will happen next. If you like suspense you will enjoy this book. I am hoping for a second book to expand on the story line. As the story concludes the reader is left wanting more from the characters, especially Elizabeth Samms and Desmond. I wish Yvonne all the best in her writing career.

Amazon Customer “chronbookaddict”–Relaxing Read August 12, 2012 Don’t be fooled by the title of this book it is not your Homeowner guidebook. A well writing story on how sometimes we have to fight for what we dream for. Elizabeth Samms has always been in love with the Roosevelt Victorian style home for years. She will drive by the house with her boyfriend (now hubby) and dream of one day owning that house not a house like it but THE Roosevelt house. Just like any other couple she will have to wait for that dream. Elizabeth’s husband will always reassure her that one day their dream will come true. After her husband died in a car accident Elizabeth was left with a large lump sum of money were she and her son can live a comfortably. Buying the house is nothing, keeping the house is what’s going to take all she has Elizabeth will find herself fighting for the home she has always dreamed of owning. I love the way Yvonne Mikell develops the story line it was just perfect. She will keeping you guessing and not know were the lies are coming from with a little drama and suspense at time. This is a great relaxing read that anybody will enjoy reading.

Amanda–Intriguing Story August 7, 2012  Elizabeth Samms is a widow of six months with a six year-old son, Desmond. While her husband was alive, they used to drive by a house and dream about living there. In his death, he provided enough money to take care of his wife and son. Coincidentally, their dream home, Roosevelt, comes up for sale, so Elizabeth purchases it so she and Desmond can live there….or so she thinks. There are hurdles and obstacles standing in her way, but Elizabeth is willing to fight for the home of her dreams. Yvonne Mikell does a wonderful job of creating complex characters. You get to see multiple sides of each one, which helps you better understand each person. She keeps you guessing as the story unfolds. You’re never quite certain exactly who is behind the lies and deceit. I would love to see more from Mikell. She developed a great story line with depth and detail. The way she ends the book leaves it open for a possible sequel, so I’m excited to see what she comes up with!

Cleve McDeev–Intriguing tale of betrayal and mysteries August 5, 2012 When Elizabeth Samms suddenly finds herself widowed and left alone to care for her autistic son, life doesn’t seem all that bright…. until she finds Roosevelt, her and her late husband’s dream home. Although strange circumstances allow her and her son to move in immediately, she is nothing but ecstatic about the opportunity to change the outlook for her and Desmond. Unfortunately for Elizabeth (but fortunately for the reader), Roosevelt holds many dark secrets – including previous owners that have gone missing, ne’er do wells, and a set of brothers that will stop at nothing to make Elizabeth’s path to homeownership a nightmare she never dreamed of. Yvonne Mikell is clearly no stranger to the mystery genre! She does a nice job of weaving an intriguing tale of betrayal and mysteries that leaves the reader hoping for more. Her characters are easy to connect with, and you will certainly find yourself rooting for Elizabeth and Desmond to be able to live a comfortable life in beautiful Roosevelt!

 Sage Adderley–A story of deception and greed August 1, 2012 Elizabeth Samms recently became a widow and single mother to Desmond, her six-year-old son with special needs. Six months after her husband’s death, Elizabeth finds Roosevelt, the home of her dreams. The old Victorian home is located on the outskirts of Philadelphia. Roosevelt holds many secrets that Elizabeth isn’t aware of, like missing owners, thugs, and twin brothers who are leading Elizabeth and Desmond into a whirlwind of trouble. The more emotionally invested Elizabeth becomes in her new home, the more troubles that find their way onto her doorstep. Yvonne Mikell shows various sides of the main character, Elizabeth who is a complex person. I wanted to know more about her and Desmond. I felt like there was more to their story than what was told. Maybe Yvonne is saving that for a second book? That would be a pleasant surprise. I think the author did a good job creating a story thick with deception and greed.


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