Silence Is Broken


Optimized-Silence is Broken Front 72 ppiSecrets, lies and deceit play a role in the life of business executive Khloe Spencer.

Beginning with her mother Sharon who suddenly gives her daughter motherly advice about men and platonic relationships.  Khloe thought of the advice as a bit over the top, unnecessary in fact, since the relationships in her personal life were stable.

The motherly advice is foreboding.

As the story unfolds she finds they are not. Having the love of family, love of the heart, and the love of friends can be like a stab in the heart.

But what about the secret she holds? What about the pain she has caused? Will they forgive her or will they react with vengeance?



Lynn Cesario–Couldn’t put it down December 13, 2013 Many twists and turns in this story. Made you stop and think. Just when I thought I knew what was coming next, I was thrown another curve. Ms Mikell is a great author with an endless imagination. This book would make a good movie. Lets hope this happens, I would see it in an instant.



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